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Sports Concussion

Concussion in sport is a serious injury that may cause both short term and long-term reductions in cognitive function of the athlete.  Recently, increased awareness has led governing bodies, and sports organisations to take steps to understand more and to mitigate the risk of occurrence. 


In 2017 FIFpro released the results of a study of 576 former professional footballers, ice hockey and rugby players from eight countries that had, or had not, suffered concussion(s) during their playing career. 

Those athletes who had suffered 6 concussions or more were between 2 to 5 times more likely to mental health issues, than those who had never been concussed.

What we are looking for

Technologies, or product solutions that can measure, record, visualise, diagnose (or provide validated, quantitative data to assist a physicians diagnosis of) traumatic brain injury on the side lines of a sports pitch,

ideally in less than 60 seconds.

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