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Mental wellbeing for health and sports performance

Athletes train physically in structured sessions, but it doesn't stop there.  They holistically consider their diet, hydration, sleep and rest, to be ready for the next big game.

Sport psychology has been used in elite sport for a long time, with techniques like mental imagery improving success of a physical task.  But these tend to be short term, task specific

thought processes rather than a holistic approach.

Wellbeing considers taking notice of your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and the world around you.  Sometimes the pressure gets too much and mental health deteriorates.


  In 2018 an improvement in recovery from injury by using mindfulness was demonstrated (Mohammed et al. 2018 Front. Psychol).  We believe that for youth athletes, injured athletes and retiring athletes, being mentally healthy is an important tool for change.

What we are looking for

Technologies, or product solutions that can help professional athletes to better maintain their own cognitive wellbeing, happiness, sleeping habits and readiness to

train and perform.

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